Essay about My Experience At Charter Oak State College

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Writing papers for school has given me the opportunity to learn more about a variety of topics. I returned to college about six years ago after a very lengthy hiatus. I enrolled in three classes at Charter Oak State College (COSC), one accelerated course at a time. At that time some of the more interesting papers that I had written were on Designer Babies and comparing the Modern and Post Modern theories of play. I struggled with the new way of doing research, I originally started college in 1980, but once I got the hang of it I enjoyed learning about the topic. What I also struggled with was deciphering the credibility of the sources that I found. I again took a few more years off from school and recently returned to COSC. I just completed IDS 101 and learned that I have a lot to learn about writing and researching. For this course I did a research paper on The Barriers to Exercise Adherence. I like to choose topics that I am interested in because it holds my attention more and I enjoy learning about the subject rather than just writing because I have been assigned to do so. Writing because it is an assignment comes with deadlines. In an accelerated eight week course it becomes even more imperative that you pay attention to the deadlines. I find that they can work either way for me. Deadlines keep me organized, but when I run into a stumbling block with my writing they can stress me out. In order to remain organized to write I have set up a specific area that I can…

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