My Experience At Canton Local School Districts Summer Camp Essay

1120 Words Aug 10th, 2016 5 Pages
This summer I worked at Canton Local School Districts summer camp. During this summer camp I worked with Cason and Laken who are eight-year-old identical twin brothers. Cason and Laken both have down-syndrome. I have met Cason and Laken before as I observed in their classroom a few years ago but did not realize until working directly with them this summer how limited their expressive language was. During my field experience I really got to know Cason and Laken and realized how sweet, affectionate, and compassionate they are. I also realized that they were very stubborn, loved using the word “no”, and were very competitive with each other. For this reflection I felt that it would be interesting to compare what I saw in Cason and Laken when I observed them in a self-contained environment with the time that I spent with them in an inclusive summer school environment. The environments were very different and it gave me an opportunity to see some of the positives and negatives of each environment for students with disabilities. One of the first major insights that I gained was that appropriate classroom environments were crucial for students with disabilities. Structure and routine are very critical and beneficial for students with disabilities. In Cason and Lakens self-contained classroom their teacher described the room as a well oiled machine. The tone of the room was very calm and relaxed. The lessons were structured and well prepared in advance. The work was…

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