Essay on My Experience At Brinckerhoff Elementary School

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My practicum in school psychology is at Brinckerhoff elementary school in the Wappinger’s Central School District. Brinckerhoff is one of fifteen schools within the district where students can enroll in kindergarten through sixth grade. Brinckerhoff is a large school of approximately an average of 470 students. This school has a diverse student population, yet majority of student population ethnicity identify as Caucasian and has a roughly an equal percentage of males and females that form the student body. Brinckerhoff has a high academic achievement success rate. The school offers different programs for students that provide assistance to students that are foreign, have disabilities or classified. Foreign students are provided with English Second Language (ESL) to help the students succeed in school. The school promotes a positive interethnic relationship and reminds students and staff on a daily basis the importance of respect and taking care of each other.
Students who struggle in academic areas such as reading or math have a Flex Time program. This program pulls students out of their general education classroom into a more constrained classroom and focuses on their area of weakness. It was found that “small classrooms offer a friendly environment and climate that is more conducing to learning” (Okpala, Smith, Jones, & Ellis, 2000). The school also has a crisis prevention team in case of emergencies that may arise in a school. When walking through the school…

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