My Experience At An Animal Shelter Essay

774 Words Oct 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
I’ve always loved doing community service in the nature of going to an animal shelter or helping with the HEB Feast of Sharing, but every time I heard the words, “pick up trash” it always made me cringe. I’m a very clean person and when I think about it, it just grosses me out. So, when I heard we were going to be cleaning up McKellar Lake, I wasn’t very enthused. But, actually going with people I enjoyed being around, and seeing that there was a ton to do, I was glad that I could be of service.
A couple years ago, when I lived in Midland, TX, we had a thing called Keep Midland Beautiful that I would volunteer at. They would always assign my group to a place where it would take about 20 minutes to pick up, and then we could leave. So, my first impression of this was that it wouldn’t take the two hours assigned and we could leave in no time. I was wrong. I had filled up two trash bags within the first hour! And at the end, there was at least 50 trash bags that everyone else gathered up. That’s not even counting the pieces of Styrofoam or even the tires that were found. It was very surprising because I didn’t know one little area could get so dirty. But after I found out about the floods, and peoples trash from other towns were being put there it all made sense.
I went in with a negative mindset that it was just going to be disgusting, and gross but when I realized there was so much to get done, and saw that they provided gloves, my attitude shifted. I wanted to work as hard…

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