Personal Narrative: My First Alcoholic Anonymous Meeting

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On the evening of October 13th, 2016, I attended my first Alcoholic Anonymous meeting. It was on the second floor of the Fayetteville VA, in the auditorium. As I ran upstairs, I bumped into a person who looked familiar, and told them so. “I was thinking the same thing,” they told me. We spoke briefly and discovered we did not know each other. Inside the auditorium, a large square of tables was surrounded by chairs, most of which were occupied. Behind the tables was a single row of freestanding chairs. This is where I chose to sit. The meeting began, and I counted the attendees. After late stragglers arrived, there were thirty individuals. Ten were female, the rest male. All were Caucasian, with exception to one African-American female. All ages of adults were represented, from young, fresh-faced men and women to those well into their golden years. Some wore business casual attire, while others opted for more comfortable clothing. The leader, which changes with every meeting, first asked if there were any first-time members or guests in attendance, to which I raised my hand. They warmly welcomed me after I stated my name. I did not end my introduction with, “And, I’m an alcoholic,” as everyone else did before speaking, because I am not an …show more content…
In the future, if I have a client I feel would be a good fit for the group, I would be happy to recommend or refer them. The group seemed responsible, accepting, and warm. A person who might be both isolating themselves socially and struggling with abuse or addiction would be in good hands at this meeting. At no point was a Friend forced to speak or put on the spot. A person who wishes to attend every meeting and never say a word, I believe, would not be pressured to speak. They would be welcomed, of course, and asked to introduce themselves, as I can personally report, but at no time was anyone forced to participate in

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