My Experience At A Young Age I Loved Learning Essay

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At a young age I loved learning. I was interested in patterns, reading, numbers, and shapes. That love of learning has carried on through my experiences at school. Since kindergarten, I have had many teachers who have taught me to love getting an education. They have taught me curriculum and they have taught me character. Their examples of teaching not only lessons found in textbooks, but lessons found in every day life continue to inspire me. I want to, like them, help children see their importance and value. I want to also challenge them to perform to the best of their abilities. Learning should be enjoyable, and as a teacher I hope to make it so. I want to help students grow academically and emotionally. The most important lessons in life aren’t found in our school curriculum, but I hope to teach children those lessons in the classroom setting just as my teachers taught those lessons to me.
I moved elementary schools during the second grade. I had left all my friends behind and I felt alone. I made friends with one girl, but she was a very mean girl. I can still remember the day that she pushed me over the edge. My friend had told me that we could hang out after school and I was thrilled that she actually wanted to hang out with me! A few hours later she informed me that she had better things to do than waste her time hanging out with me. I cried all through recess until class began. My teacher, Mrs. Johnson, started class then asked me to go out into the hall with her.…

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