Essay on My Experience At A Golf Course

1107 Words Mar 10th, 2016 null Page
There is something special about a golf course in the morning. Over the last 5 years, I have spent a lot of mornings on a golf course. Before I got my driver’s license I would have my grandparents take me to the golf course in the morning and get picked up later in the day. Once I got my license, I would drive to the course early in the morning and be one of the first people out on the course so I would have the entire course to myself to practice on. As a sophomore in high school, I got a job at a golf course. I started out working on the maintenance crew watering the course at 5:30 every morning. After a few months, I moved my way over to the clubhouse washing carts and picking range balls. Finally, this last summer, I worked my way up to the pro shop. Throughout high school, I spent hundreds of mornings at the golf course, and every one of them was special. At the time, I knew that those moments were unique, but it is only in hindsight that I am able to understand why. The peacefulness of a golf course early in the morning is unlike anything else. Maybe it is because I am an outdoorsy person, but the serenity of those moments is never lost on me. While working at the golf course, I would volunteer to work mornings just so I could experience the best part of the day. Mornings on a golf course are just so simple; life seems to slow down, and less seems to matter. I wholeheartedly believe that morning golf is the absolute best part of sports. Sure, Friday nights under the…

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