My Experience As An Esl Class Essays

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During my experience in an ESL class I saw many of our course objectives come to life. The program was rather small but I witnessed many ways the teacher adjust lessons to meet the needs of students who are still learning english. During my visit I saw many different scaffolding that helped the students during different assignments and lessons. In class we learned how important scaffolding is in classroom with Ells. For a reading assignments the teacher used a t­chart so that information can be organized to the learners. She would also fill in some areas so that students would have a guide while they read. This proved very helpful to students. During my two visits the teacher scaffolded in different ways throughout the days. Scaffolding really seemed to help the students and put in perspective what they needed to do. I also saw how the teacher pre taught and used both spanish and english when explaining things to the students. Some students were stronger than others in English. For the students who are still new to english, the teacher would often explain directions in english then spanish. This helped the students understand what was needed to be done.
I also saw many different ways of teaching ESL. We discussed many different approaches to teaching in ESL and I saw many of these methods in the ESL classroom in Mahopac. The classroom was very student­centered and focused on the needs of each student
Field Work 2
while teaching vocabulary and content to all students. In…

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