My Experience As A Writer Essay

1030 Words Jul 8th, 2015 5 Pages
At the beginning of this English course, I was so nervous and scared that I would fail. I do not think I have ever been a good writer. It has always terrified me because I have difficulty putting my thoughts down on paper. This course has proven to be highly inspiring to me as well as frightening. It has really taught me more about the understanding of the writing process and structure, in which helped me to not focus so much on the actual writing parts. Not focusing so much on the writing, helped me to really release my thoughts down on paper because I was worried more about the structure, organization, and proper formatting. I have accomplished a lot over this course I once believed to be unattainable. With my newfound knowledge and experiences of this English course, I believe that I have gained more confidence not only in my writing but in myself as well.
The first week of class I had to write a journal entry in regards of a reflective essay. Writing an essay about my experience as a writer and how I feel when I write. I thought should be a breeze until, I received my grade back. It was not a horrible grade, nor what I was expecting. When reading the teacher’s comment “While you did write your response in several paragraphs, it isn 't fully a reflective essay. To be an essay, it must include an introduction paragraph that ends with a thesis/focus sentence, supporting body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph.” That is when I realized that I really did not know how to…

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