My Experience As A Writer Essay

911 Words Dec 17th, 2016 4 Pages
Once I began English 101 I will admit that I was worried that I wouldn 't meet the expectations of college writing. In my past high school career I did well as a writer but many times have I been told that I lack a handful of writing skills. Such as grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and as we called it flow. I wasn’t able to keep my readers attention and I felt as if my writing skills were below average. As I began my first semester of college I was anxious about how I would turn out in my English class. To my surprise it wasn’t that bad and I saw what i was capable of and what I can do to improve my writing. As a result I have ameliorated my writing skills and capability. With all my experience as a writer I believe I am ready to advance into my next class.

I was delighted to receive praises from my current professor and my fellow classmates. Some frequent comments I have received from them were on how interesting my writing is , how I give a good amount of background information, and how I have provided a good quantity of detailed information. I am proud of this because from the beginning my profile essay was weak in these areas and I have now clearly improved on them. Some aspects I am proud of are my vocabulary and my style of writing. I have increased my vocabulary greatly and learning how to include them in my sentences is rewarding as it helps make my essays more perfervid. Out of the two I have made the most drastic improvement in my vocabulary. This…

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