Reflection On My Experience As A Summer Reading Program Helper

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My Experience as a Summer Reading Program Helper
One of the best experiences I had in my life was volunteering at Harold Keller Elementary School’s summer reading lap program. I worked with this program for four summers in a row. I helped the teachers with their children by teaching them reading and writing skills. Also, I would help the teachers get ready for the upcoming school year by helping them decorate the classroom. During the journey, I grew a lot as a person.
The first summer I worked was my freshman year. The teacher I was assigned to was Ms. Thomson. She was so nice. I said, “I am so scared, and I do not know if the children are going to like me.” “Just be yourself and kids would love you,” she said. This program would last three
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This year I was appointed to multiple teachers because I worked so hard everybody wanted me to be their helper. “You were the best student helper we ever had,” said the teachers. I would rotate between three different teachers throughout the day. This year we had so many children because everyone wanted to come because this program was free to the students. We would do the same things we did the previous year and more. The classes were broken up depending on the students’ grade level. The children would improve their reading skills by reading every day, either together as a class or by themselves in the reading center. A reading program on the computer was used where they would read books depending on their reading level. When the child would finish reading the book, and they took a quiz. As each student completed a book, they started a new book at a higher level. The students receive stars when they completed the tasks, and once they got enough stars they could build different robots. This year I had a great experience because I got to work with three different teachers.
I went back to the summer reading camp for a third year in a row. This year I would only work with one teacher. I had some of the same children that I had the previous year, and I was so excited to work with them again. Since, I knew exactly what was going on the children would test my patience by behaved like wild animals
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This year it would be a little different because we would serve the children breakfast and lunch. Every morning the students would report to the cafeteria and eat breakfast instead of reporting to the classroom. After breakfast, we would go back to the classroom and I would read them a story and ask the kids questions to make sure they understood the story. Next, we would break up into small groups and do different activities. We would play reading games, read a story on the leap pad, read in the reading center, or do a reading lesson with the teacher. I was as happy as a clam when all of the kids behave themselves for the entire day. After we were done teaching the students for the day, we would bring them to the cafeteria for lunch then dismiss them for the day. This year was my fourth and final year. I am so happy that I got to work with these amazing teachers and students. I am so sad to be leaving this journey I had, but the skills I learned will all ways be with

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