My Experience And The Perspective Of A Future Healthcare Professional

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Though the phenomenon may reach back further, I can remember clearly that since high school, I viewed every activity I chose, every project I undertook, and every class I took from the perspective of a future healthcare professional.

On January 2, 2015, my family and I were leaving my childhood friend’s house after a dinner. As we drove past my friend’s house, I waved a bittersweet goodbye to her, as we were both getting ready to begin our second semester of college in a week. Little had I known I would greatly miss the busy college life and my friends during the 5-week winter break so I was beyond stoked and looking forward to starting the new semester.
That 10-minute drive home from her house ended up taking 10 days.
I was told a 21-year
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From accompanying the doctors on ward rounds, I observed strong team dynamics and communication skills are vital to provide effective treatment. I also understood that doctors not only play a critical role in assessment and prevention of diseases, but they also provide emotional support to patients and their families. For example, I viewed how an oncologist diagnosed a patient with cancer. Diagnosing a patient in the most appropriate way is always a difficult task so I was most impressed by how the doctor was able to by using a calm and reassuring tone. He did not just diagnose the patient and list potential treatments, but he also made sure the patient had an understanding by taking time to teach how cancer develops and explain the medical terms unfamiliar to the patient. In order to gain insight of how hospitals function in a different country, I shadowed a radiologist and cardiologist in India. I acquired a different experience in that I communicated with patients from various socioeconomic backgrounds and observed the ways in how diseases impact people from varying backgrounds. I was beyond surprised to see how multilingualism allowed the doctor to effectively communicate with patients from different parts of the country. (I understood the responsibilities and obligations of being a …show more content…
The most weakening event of my life – the car accident - has further intensified my interest in medicine. I believe I will fulfill my potential of becoming a doctor and contributing to society by helping mankind. I look forward to challenging myself every day and proving to myself ever since the car accident that I will accomplish one goal: I will become a

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