My Experience After My High School Years Essay

1346 Words Jul 2nd, 2015 6 Pages
I do not think there’s no child on earth who likes being away from their parents. We kids love being around our caregivers to protect us, feed us, and more importantly love us. As for me, I did a challenge that changed me physically and mentally. I was alone in the woods for about three to four weeks. Never in my life have I envisioned myself being surrounded by the woods, but this step I took was an adjustment in my life that changed almost every aspect of it. Throughout my life, I have lacked a bunch of confidence in myself for a very long time and have been trying to hold my ground and get this confidence somehow. As we all know, life is all about taking risks and I have took a risk I never imagined myself doing. During my high school years, I never wanted to be part a program, organization, or even a sport team. I was an 16 year old boy who loved being alone and in my own bubble. I have never liked being with people or doing any activities with people. Almost all my life, I have had friends, teachers, and coaches tell me personally “where’s that real Jean inside of you?” or “Why are you so afraid to make a mistake” or “Where is that confidence in you Jean?” and my only response is “I don’t know. I really do not know?” For a long period of time, I have been thinking to myself what if I really did have that “confidence” but never showed it? After my Freshman year at Fenway was over, I wanted to create goals for myself Sophomore year, and set myself to create many more…

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