My Expectations Essay

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Firstly, I will be talking about the expectations my parents have towards me like school, personal matters, and in life. The first expectation that my parents want me to follow was school and good grades. My parents pushed their expectation of a proper education because my parents didn’t get the chances for a proper education growing up. They believed that we could do well in school. So, their expectation pushed me to get all A’s in; as a result, I put school and education before anything else. My dad had high hopes for me to go to a university, and I would become a successful person in life. On the other hand, my mom’s expectation of school for me was to graduate from high school because she didn’t want me to end up like her and not finish …show more content…
My parents except for me to not have sex until I am married. Because they believed that it should be saved for the person who I truly love, who was going to spend my whole life with. Also, they didn’t not want me to repeat the same thing that happened to my mom. My mom became pregnant at sixteen years old; consequently, she had to drop out of high school to go to work to get money to take care of me. So their expectation on personal matters had made me promise in front of both my dad, mom and god that I would not have sex until I’m married. My parents’ last expectation was for me to be a kind and caring person to everyone. Their expectation of me helped me to care for others even when people are being terrible or going through a bad situation. It taught me to help people in many different ways; for example, I enjoy helping tutor a boy I know do homework and, babysit. I love teaching children the importance of life and to be kind to others. My parents’ expectations of me have helped me to become the person I am …show more content…
The expectation of school and career from my grandma is to go to universities and colleges just like my other cousins, since she compares my education to my cousins. For instance, she tells me to be a successful student in school and have a great career like them. She always told me as a child until now that I had to become a doctor because doctors make a lot of money. However, I didn’t not want to be copying my cousins, so I decide I would make my own choices in my career; therefore, one day I will become a teacher. My grandma’s second expectation is about relationships with others. While growing up my grandma always told me I should marry a white person because she heard that they had a lot of money. Now she tells me to marry a Chinese person because of their looks. However, she would tell me that everyone is a bad person when they are actually not. As a result, I kept some of the things she said about relationships in my head, but I never let it cloud my happiness. The third expectation is about how I live my life. Whenever I would see my grandma or talk to her, she tells me that I have to take care of my future husband by taking care of everything such as cooking, cleaning. In addition, she says that I have to stay home and take care of my kids. My grandma’s expectations had made me realize that I don’t want to live up to what she expects from

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