My Ethnography Project I Be Working With A Kitchen Staff Essay

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Topic/Research Group:

For my ethnography project I be working with a kitchen staff. They have asked to not have the restaurant’s name reported and agreed to go as The Café. The Café is consisted upon a structural hierarchy that has been developed over years of change and organization. There are many levels within the group. Some of which include, the lowest possible class known as the C class, the Cooks ( B class), and the upper division consisting of managers, A class. The C class employees are considered to be the part-time workers. They typically consist of college students. The B class, are also called the full-time workers/Cooks. Finally the A class is the full-time working managers and directors. I was able to obtain multiple informants from the C and B classes. The willing informant from the C class is Kelsi and the two from the B class is Ariel and Traci. Although Traci borders between the B and A class, her work primarily falls into the B category. There might be one or two group interviews depending on circumstances and time constraints.

Research Questions:

I have three research questions. The first is to explore the structural hierarchy that is developed from years of experience and the upper A class people. The second question is how the social dynamic works between coworkers, managers, and other employees. My third question is to compare the structural hierarchy and the social hierarchy (developed through relationships and communication) to see if either…

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