My Essay On Overcoming Adversity

In life, many are faced with obstacles that challenge them. The challenges can be simple or large. No matter the obstacle or challenge the person is facing, it is to them a great battle. There are two very important people that I admire that faced adversity and similar struggles, they overcame them in there on ways. I will try to compare their journeys even though they were different ages and of a different time period. I will try relate how through prayer, faith and family support they were able to overcome their adversities in similar ways. These are two different people who inspired me through their strengths, weaknesses and family values. The first struggle they faced was sickness. My aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer and my great …show more content…
They inspired me to also have faith even when I couldn't see the answers. Aunt Kylie through her illness leaned on prayer and the faith of others prayers for strength. They prayed and believed she would be healed. I admired the faith she had throughout this walk, even when things didn’t look good her faith never wavered. She didn't have strength to stand, all her hair feel out and the bills started piling up she still stood firm that God would provide. I admired my great grandma faith as well. Over 68 years ago she was married and over time had nine children to raise in paroles times. Some days she didn't know where there next meal would come form but she took her kids to church they gave thanks over every meal and prayed every night before bed. She had faith that through faith God would provide. From when the pantries were empty, to children being sick, to the kids needing new shoes. They prayed and put their faith in God and he provided for them. I admire both walks with their faith. My aunt is now cancer free and my great grandma and her family never went without the main things they

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