My Environmental Ethics Of Public Policy Essay

1981 Words Dec 3rd, 2016 8 Pages
My Environmental Ethics Growing up in a highly capitalized area, Macau, and being taught the idea that wealth is the ruler of power and status, I learned that I would have to find a job with decent extra benefit and high salary in the future. Until the time I have taken geography and moral education classes in my high school, I started to consider a bigger picture when I was thinking about public policy and my decision making. I knew that what I did could affect anyone around me and possibly the society as well. I did not have any terminology at that time, but if I could bring my knowledge back into the time, I would say my ethic has been shifted from ego-centrism to somewhere between ego- and home-centrism because the ideology grounded in self has been rooted in my heart imperceptibly. However, coming to the US to study has further affected my thinking process a lot. I am exposed to a wider range of news and information concerning the environment, and I have taken two environmental science courses including environmental philosophy and ethics, these experiences, especially the latter one, has equipped me knowledge and terminology to recognize and categorize the theoretical ground of my environmental ethic—relation. During my college year, I have learned different environmental ethics and their grounds, and I found the partnership ethic, which is grounded in relation and proposed by Carolyn Merchant, best describes my ideal form of how human should interact with the…

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