My Emotions For The Past Week Essay

1110 Words Jan 28th, 2016 null Page
Reflecting on my emotions for the past week, I can say I haven’t really improved. I still feel the same sadness, the same lack of motivation and an even higher level of stress than I was experiencing last week, due to midterms. It seems like everything is just pilling up, I feel like my days are no longer purposeful, I take forever reading and finishing my homework, and since I take long I get discouraged and start questioning myself, by asking “Am I smart enough to be here or “why am I even here?” Those are a couple of the most common questions that seem to weaken my ability to function. Ever since my husband left to boot camp, I haven’t fully recovered from the emotional break down. I miss him, and that is the sad part. Since he left, about four weeks ago, I have only received a letter. It is this inability to know how he is doing that it is causing me to question if I really want to be here. I find it so hard to move on, simply because he was my everything. All of my dreams, goals, and accomplishments have his name written all other them because he has been my biggest supporter. He is the type of person willing to go out of his way to serve others. He was the friend that would say up late, or pull all-nighter just to make sure I wouldn’t fall asleep while studying. He was the person that managed to always bring out a smile in me, regardless of how I was feeling that day. It was that and much more that accustomed me to him, and now that I don’t have him with I feel…

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