My Educational Plan For The Career Interests Essay

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Career interests were plentiful as I grew up, especially during my early childhood. Each area of interest I expressed to my parents was encouraged through a combination of play and education The number of jobs I wanted as a young child was significantly large and I do not recall every single occupational investigation. Those I do recall include doctor, firemen, veterinarian, professional basketball, musician, Lego set developer, film director, chef, gardener, and college basketball coach. The many areas of interest were often imagination focused and facilitated through play. Additionally, these areas were explored for homework assignments given by my mother and homeschool teacher, Vicki.
Education played a vital role in the evolution of career interests, as I grew older. My educational plan focused on fostering creativity, self-direction, and organic interest development. One area of importance emphasized in my early education consisted of taking field trips. This included attending countless theatrical plays, musical performances, speakers on various historical and academic topics, and lots of sporting events at California State University, Chico. Additionally, one of the main career areas of interest that evolved and continued to grow throughout my childhood was playing professional basketball. From the age of one I spent my time looking up to my 12-year-old sister who played basketball in middle and high school. Furthermore, I attended my father 's recreational…

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