My Educational Philosophy

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I have heard the saying that B.B King once said “the beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you,” education is a valuable tool for everyone. It is important for everyone to get educated in order to become successful. The quality of education a child receives is based on the school the child goes to, even though I wish every child had the equal opportunity to have a good education. A school’s job overall is to help children learn and succeed. I have always wondered what it would it be like to build my own school. I feel like everyone has his or her own beliefs on how schools should be run and structured. In order to make my school occur I will discuss the ideas to help build and support it. My perfect …show more content…
There are many positions my school occupies such as teachers, parents, students and administrators. They all have different roles they are held accountable for at my school. The teacher’s role at my school is to help guide and assist students through learning and social experiences. It is important when it comes to education, that teachers want to serve students and the community. Accepting all students’ nationalities in the classroom is important in being a good teacher at my school. By being a good teacher, you can help make a difference in a child’s life, compared to a teacher who does not have the dedication. Teachers need to prepare their students for the future, so they can be successful. They should be committed to students and learning. My school will have teachers that care and want their students to do well in school. Teachers should get to know their students and their interests, especially since teaching is based on love and compassion. The role of teachers begins and ends with seeing the student. According to William Ayers (2010) teachers become students of their students. They learn from their students, as the students become teachers and learners. Teachers are responsible for supporting growth and learning. They have to create an environment for learning. Teachers are planning, learning and instructing in the classroom (26). Plus, it is important that current …show more content…
They should help guide their children though guidance and moral values. Parents should respect and support their children 's teachers, no matter what. The role of the students is to be open to learning new things and learning more about themselves. It is also important that students learn more about themselves in order to be mentally and emotionally stable. Students are able to learn more about their habits, capacities, and interests all through education. Students should become good citizens at school and care about their future and success. In the classroom, all students have the right to freedom of speech, as long as the behavior is not considered disruptive and

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