Essay on My Educational Philosophy Of Education

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My Educational Philosophy
My philosophy of education if that every child is unique and has something to bring to their own education. As a teacher, my role in that is to be a facilitator for these children’s education and to foster an atmosphere where they feel safe and encouraged to grow physically, emotionally, and mentally as well as find their place socially.
As a teacher it is my duty to assist each child in developing their own potential and learning styles as well as to enter the classroom with the highest expectations of students. I am there to make the classroom a safe community in which students can express themselves and where I will encourage growth. I look to become an English Language Learner teacher and encouraging growth and providing a safe place will be pivotal in my student’s development of language. They need to feel safe to express themselves in the classroom without the fear of being judged by others solely on their ability to speak the language.
Individualization is a very important part of a child’s learning, because of this my classroom instruction would include visual, auditory, as well as kinesthetic learning techniques. This would ensure that no matter the type of learning the student was there will be a chance for them to learn in their learning style. Not only will I take the students’ needs into consideration, but I will ensure that the students learn things in a way that is relevant to them and will help them in the future. Because of this I…

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