My Educational Philosophy: My Role In A Public School

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Personal Philosophy Statement

My educational philosophy as a teacher is that every student should be able to attend a public school if their parents choose so, receive equal treatment, a quality education, and be nurtured and safe in that environment. Within the public school system, a child should be able to attend a school that is a good fit for them, and be able to have safe transportation to and from school. No child should feel discriminated against by any school district employee, volunteer or their peers. The education offered at a public school should be of high standards and the teachers should strive to help all of their students be successful in their studies and in their growth in other ways as well. The school and teachers should
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I will help the children choose effective pathways to learn about the subjects. The students and I will build a strong democracy when it comes to developing standards of behavior and rules for our classroom community. We will have classroom meetings, where each student’s voice is important, respected and heard. At the classroom meetings, we will not only share things that are good, and strengthen the community, but we will also have a safe forum for talking out issues within the community, so they may be resolved and rules and ethics revised. Our community will treat each other with respect and kindness and honor each other’s diversity. I would also have a space for individual students to be able to work out their problems through conversation. If needed, there would also be some peer mediation available for the …show more content…
Our class will have opportunities to share personal experiences and knowledge. Individual interests will be incorporated into subject matter if possible. The different needs of my students will be met to the best of my ability and I will make sure that I do my best to create an environment that facilitates learning for all of my students, not just most of them. My students will work towards the answers, rather than me leading them directly to them. They will learn the classic subjects; reading, writing and math, but they will also learn and use art, music, culture and critical thinking in the classroom. Each student will have help learning effective methods of learning and problem solving both in their classwork and in their social

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