My Educational Philosophy Goals For College And The Work World

1257 Words Dec 9th, 2015 6 Pages
Before beginning EDCI475, my educational philosophy goals were to support my students, make learning appealing, and prepare my students to accomplish great things. I aimed to accomplish my goals through establishing a strong rapport with my students, letting my students experience other worlds through the written word, and providing rigorous coursework to prepare students for college and the work world. My experiences as an African American female growing up in a suburban, non-diverse school systems has strongly influenced my educational philosophy. Two significant people in my life who never finished school also strongly impacted the formation of my educational philosophy. What my friends and I needed growing up was culturally responsive teaching. Even though I was the only black student in the class, I needed a teacher to connect with me and expose me to my culture. I never saw myself in the curriculum and the moments that I did see myself, my heritage was wrapped in chains in the discussions of slavery. The culturally unresponsive education I received is what pushes me to be a culturally responsive secondary English teacher. EDCI 475 has helped me to discover methods to be culturally responsive. Before this class, I knew that I wanted to be culturally responsive, especially regarding my curriculum and interactions with students; however, this class gave me means to an end. To me culturally responsive teaching is important in maintaining engagement in the classroom and…

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