My Educational Journey Towards Education Essay

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Educational Journey There have been two major turning points in my mindset toward education. Being moved around from school to school, county to county has taken a huge toll on my experiences. Whether it being a unit that just wouldn’t stick in my head or a teacher who wasn’t suited best for me, these all affect how I have looked at learning. I have gone through many shifts and expansions. It has been quite a journey to get to the places I want to go and see the people I want to see. School has never been particularly difficult for me, I am able to pick up on concepts quite quickly. I rarely struggled or was ever really challenged for that matter. I tended to fly under the radar, wasn’t very social, didn’t do my work because I found it mind-numbing and a waste of time. I couldn’t stand the structure of high school. During my freshman and sophomore years, I didn’t do much. I was moved around from school to school and became depressed. There were times when my natural intelligence didn’t cover some concepts that involved more thinking, I would think I was stupid. I considered myself dumb and it became very frustrating. I was supposed to be this genius kid and when I didn’t reach those unattainable expectations set, I began to question my worth. I always but so much emphasis on education and considered it to be my top priority, not doing it justice was shameful.
This feeling of inadequacy and dissatisfaction continued on throughout my high school career. But I did begin to…

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