Essay on My Educational Journey Of The Dominican Republic

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As I reflect back at the educational journey that I have so far met, I can certainly define it as a learning rollercoaster. I had the opportunity to not only grow up in two different countries, but also educate myself these two different settings. Reaching up to the 4th grade in the Dominican Republic, and then establishing what happens to be the rest of my education in the United States, has made me explore all aspects of what now becomes my educational autobiography.

To begin my educational journey, from what I remember, attending school in the Dominican Republic was completely different than attending school in the United states. First of all, it was not public, so to receive an education in the area that I lived, you had to make monthly payments. I grew up in a middle class type of environment, but at the same time in my surroundings lived a lot of lower class people. So basically I attended school with those whose parents were able to afford it. Reminiscing on the complete look of the school, teachers, and just the overall concept of this school is so interesting. The school that I attended was actually sort of like a huge house, and it was made in to a school that taught kindergarten to 12th grade. There was multiple classroom like rooms, a backyard for lunch time, with a little store that sold snacks. The school had a main office, and a small lounging area for teachers. When it came to the classrooms itself, they were big enough to hold around…

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