A Personal Statement Of Purpose Of Education

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I believe the purpose of education is to teach young students a task that they don’t know how to solve. By doing this, it will take a lot of challenges, frustrations, and responsibilities. On the other hand, it will bring lots of joy, happiness, and excitement. Every child is capable of learning by having the right teacher that will motivation and direct them in the right path. My students will have my full attention and time, in order for them to succeed. If I don’t set the example then they won’t see it, so it’s my responsibility for my student’s to be motivated. To be a fruitful educator, it will require more than skills. It will require a heart and passion to teach to the students. My role as an educator will be to give children all the …show more content…
When a child does not feel safe in the classroom then learning can possibly decrease. It doesn’t matter if it’s emotionally, physically, or socially. For me, it’s very important the child feels safe as well as their parents and administrators, and other teachers. I want them to feel secure and that they can trust me and know that the students can see me as someone they trust and approach for anything. Classroom organization is very important to me because it will create a place where students can learn but most importantly, understand responsibility, create relationships with other students, and learn how to work together with classmates. It has to be a place where learning is suitable, comfortable and non-threating. If the students doesn’t have a classroom where it’s organized then it can hinder them from learning. I think having a creative classroom or setting up the room will help my students learn better. For example, if I have a bulletin board on a subject were learning in class like science. I would have students on my bulletin board about science with pictures that will focus them on the subject. Another example would be having the room in sections like a reading section. The reading section will have books where they can concentrate just on reading their books. If the students don’t have a classroom organization then their interest on learning the subject will decrease. It is very …show more content…
Every student is different and have a different way of learning things. One way of approaching is Differentiated instruction (DI), a process of providing different leaning experiences to meet students’ learning needs (Scholastic). There are many other ways to approach to differentiated instruction. As teachers we can let the students work at their own pace and have the other students who know go directly to application activities. You can also differentiate the process/activities by varying the learning activities. Teachers and students must accept and respect one another’s similarities and differences. The teacher is primarily a coordinator of time, space, and activities, rather than a provider of information. This helps student’s aim for self-reliant workers. Students work in groups, as well as independently. Teachers use variety of instructional strategies to help target instruction to student

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