My Educational Goals And Explain What Or Who Has Inspired Or Helped Shape These Goals

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Describe your educational and career goals and explain what or who has inspired or helped shape these goals.

During my high school years, I recall working in the fields during vacation breaks with my mother harvesting tomatoes, picking up cherries, and pruning grape vines. Fascinating as it sounds, I was always intrigued to understand why fruits and vegetables spoil or often cause food poising in humans. Although, when I questioned my mother why these fruits spoil, she responded it was due to "little bugs," which was not a sufficient response.

Thereafter, I decided to pursue a career in the biological sciences. As a student I signed up to the Student Undergraduate Research Group Experience in the field of milk microbiology in the summer of 2014 and in the field of plant science in the summer of 2015. It was through these internships that I gained a strong interest for microbiology while working with microorganisms in milk that affect the health of milking cows. Moreover, working with plant pathogens affecting our California Central Valley grapevines and citrus trees. These internships not only opened my eyes to the field of microbiology and food science, but also to the research field.

I feel accomplished for my research endeavors because I am planting seeds for future harvest. I envision myself persisting on research studies on molecular biology and ecology of bacteria assessing their active role in gut health or fermented foods. Nonetheless, I desire to contribute to…

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