My Educational Career : The College Crusades Of Rhode Island Essay

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During my educational career I was a participant in program called The College Crusades of Rhode Island. The College Crusades of Rhode Island is a college readiness program. Since the third grade I toured several colleges, learned how apply for college, studied good academic writing, was educated on financial welfare and had many classes on understanding how to choose your career. When it came to choosing my own career my view was stuck between what is practical and what do I love? I had a flare for the arts; theatre, music and design. But I also wanted to be able to profit from whatever it is that I do. I choose to do something in between, Graphic Design. This career choice gives me the lessons of marketing and business both which are practical and profitable but also the art. In my senior year of high school I advised many students because my mass of knowledge of college. My advice to those students is that you should love what you do while doing what you love in a practical way. Not everything is black and white, there are not just two paths. It is my belief there are three. The first path is doing something practical, something that gives you money and security. Highly educated writer and musician Carl McCoy writes an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal on May 28, 2013, it is called Dear Grads: Don 't Do What You Love. He points out that commencement speakers are always trying to force the inspiration to do a job you love over something that may be more practical…

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