My Education Of Being A Success Essay

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How do you describe your educational years? I describe my education of being a success until now and I expect it to be that way until I graduate college. I know it wasn’t essay going through my school years but, I manage to go through out all the obstacles I faced with the support of my parents and all the teachers who help me. Because I knew that education was the way for a better future. Throughout my education i had a lot of weaknesses that affected me with my education, but i also had more strengths that got me through my education. I also know that I have to work harder than ever if I ever want to reach my goals. My educational experience can relate with the article” Brainology” in the way that I describe myself as having a growth mindset. Since I remember my parents have always being there with me, they always helped me and supported me in my education on everything they can my education is a success with the help of my parents who always supported me, they also been my motivation to keep giving it my best in school. Seen them work so hard so i could have and education motivates me to finish college and get a career. My teacher have also played a big part on my education being a success, but one of the teachers that i remember that was a big part of my life was my fourth grade teacher Mr. Rodriguez I remember he would alway helped me on everything he can . My parents and teachers have being a big part of my education being. All my memories throughout…

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