My Education Lesson Of A White People School ( Ecuador ) Essay

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My Education lesson in a White people school (Ecuador)
Over the years my perspective of the world has changed due to my experiences growing up. Discrimination has always been there but many times ignored. Unfortunately, just like my ancestors had, I experienced it as well but education helped me to deal with it.. In each educational and social transition, new people were brought to me with new knowledge. Despite of the years, each stage has taught me a lesson for my own benefit that would be very valuable for my future after learning to succeed and fail in any circumstance. Overall, my goal will always be focused on becoming a better person and get educated to be able to educate others. Even though middle school years were the easiest, they were one of the tough ones to experience. The school student body were women, specifically white women mostly. The rest of the school was a minority between Indigenous or Indian like me, and African american students. While the school environment was acceptable, there was one specific occasion when a teacher from another section/class humiliated my people. One day I missed school during exams week due to some protesters on the road. There was no transportation to the city and I could not get to school. After two missed days, my professor allowed me to take the exam because he knew what happened on the roads. While I was taking the exam, his girlfriend (another class teacher) walked in and was talking to him. After a short conversation…

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