My Education In Life

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Education and life experiences grow up with you, and they come from different resources: school, family, work and from the surprised situations that you face in your daily life. For example, I learned and I still learning every day from my parents who put big efforts on me to be who I am now. They raised me well and taught me many things from my first step in my life. They taught me how to eat, talk and behave. They support me in every new step I take in my life and they are the main reason why I’m here now.
I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. The fifth and youngest child in a Syrian family. I started my education in Makkah’ elementary school, I don’t really remember my first years there, all I can remember is I was spoiled kid who don’t like to wake up early and go to school. I still remember my feeling toward the end of every holiday, I came frustrated and cried because I knew it is time for school to start. Sixth grade was the last and my favorite year in elementary school. I started making friends quickly I met my best friend at
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I completed two years successfully. I was proud of myself to break my fear of failing. The period of time that I spent in the college was enjoyable. I gained new experiences since I’ve never studied in my original country before. I started to explore how it is important to be surrounded with relatives and your traditional cultures. At the summer before I started my third year, I had to take a decision which an applied health program I have to choose, it wasn’t easy to choose between many programs, but based on my previous knowledge and courses that I had taken before, I chose nutrition program. Unfortunately, regarding to what happened in my country Syria I couldn’t be able to complete my third year of college. I Moved to Saudi Arabia where I met my husband and came to United

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