My Ecomap Reflection

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When examining my ecomap, it became clear just how much time impacts my daily life, activities, and relationships. Many people struggle with this and it can be difficult to find a way to balance all that has to get done. Because of school and work, I find myself having to cut back on some of the other important aspects of my life, such as religion, volunteering, and socializing with friends. In addition, time greatly influences the relationships between my two jobs and my college education. This will be cut down soon since I will be leaving my office job with my boss Dave, but they still often overlap and can be anxiety inducing, especially since Dave was not aware of my job at The Children’s Place. Time-management and balance are things I …show more content…
As a Henry Barnard School mentor, I am gaining valuable experience to use in the social work field, but more importantly, I get to hopefully positively impact a child’s life by being able to relate with him or her. Next, I have truly found my place within the ballroom dance community at RIC that have become my family, especially our “girl squad”, a group that prides ourselves on being supportive and strengthening one another. It is a unique activity that allows me to be social and form unique partnerships with other members, both on and off the dance floor. When I came to college, I was apprehensive since most of my friends went away to expensive private schools in the city, but the friends I have made here have shown me that I made the right choice. Currently, my biggest stressor is my family life. I am surrounded my conflict whenever I am at home, so as much as I try to be a very positive person, this gets difficult when I am forced to listen to my parents’ screaming and crying whenever they are both in the same room. Thus, I have taken matters into my own hands to do what is best for me by taking on more classes at RIC and working two

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