My Earth Science Teacher And My History Teacher Essay

746 Words Oct 28th, 2015 3 Pages
Prof. DeMar
Mauricio A. Ostos
Second essay
Point by point (final)

The Experiences that someone has live help him or her to establish their path. Environment affects us, and it also will affect the ways in which someone behaves. The behavior of children may help them to decide what career they wish to achieve once they grow up; some people decide to become teachers. More than one hundred teachers have taught me during my life, and all have been different. However, there is a weird case where two teachers share some surprising similarities. Even though most people would assume that an earth science teacher and a history teacher have nothing in common, nevertheless, the reality is that both share many similarities like their teaching method, the way how they dress and their personality.

One significant similarity is their teaching method. Both my earth science teacher and my history teacher have a particular way to teach, one that not every teacher has used. Both try to focus on the smart ones, or on those who are actually trying to learn something in the class, to make those who didn’t care about the students fight for their grades. Considering both teachers were pretty tough graders, they didn’t give a chance to those who were paying attention during the class. Although they were both exceptionally good with their students, I remember that both always brought treats on Fridays and played trivia games in their classes. So, if a…

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