Social Worker Reflection

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My drive for becoming a social worker comes from my life experiences and situations I’ve seen my own family go through. When my parents first came to the United States twenty-five years ago, it was difficult adapting for them. I think that this was when I first realized I wanted to do something helping others in need. I remember feeling helpless as a child not being able to better my parent’s situation or being able to talk to them in English. I also felt very angry when my parents were discriminated or laughed at for not knowing American culture or language. I think my parents didn’t have the tools to integrate easier into the US, and a social worker could have provided them that help. I want to be able to help immigrants and refugees and help them make that transition easier than what it was for my parents.
Service- The value of service and social workers providing the best service is very important to resolving the client’s issues. Evaluating what kind of services each person needs and having the knowledge and skills to know what will help each different client. I think addressing the problem is the main goal initially, because many people don’t think they have a problem or may not even know it. It’s essential for a social worker
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I have been taught that no matter how a person looks, acts, or speaks that I should always be mindful and respect them even when you feel respect is necessarily due. The NASW states being “mindful of individual differences and cultural and ethnic diversity”… This is a key component of social work because the main goal is to make clients feel comfortable, gaining their trust, and empowering them. Being respectful and open to working with people with different cultures, ethnicities, and individual differences is essential since this field requires working with all different kinds of

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