Personal Narrative: Life After Attending School

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“Stop acting like you’re all that when you’re not, you should go back to your country and stay there” words that made my heart sank. Going to school in Guyana is different from going to school in America. Many students are being bullied each year. Unlike Guyana, you would be friends with everyone and they make you feel good about yourself. Attending school in America for the first few years was difficult for me, because I struggled a lot in my education. Life has many challenges, and you have to go through them in order to become a stronger person. Bullying is something that everyone faces, but to overcome those feelings you get makes you a stronger person. Moving from the opposite side of the world, I had big dreams and goals for living in …show more content…
My uncle advised my mom to register to this Elementary school by the name of “Raymond York Elementary School”. Starting a new school wasn’t easy, but I realized how both schools I attended differed. The staff at “Raymond York Elementary School” was so kind and generous. As soon I walked through the doors, I felt welcomed. As I finished second grade and enter into third grade, I didn’t know what to expect; but I knew there would be ups and downs. I remembered how nervous I was when the teacher assigned my seat next to the people I didn’t know. I sat next to a girl named Rochelle. One day, the teacher asked the class to glue a worksheet into our notebooks, and I ran out of glue. I decided to ask Rochelle to borrow her glue stick, and in a mean way she said “No.” I was irate, because of the way she responded. From then on I knew she wasn’t nice. Rochelle was the type of person with a “two face”. At some moments she would be nice, and you would have never expected anything bad from her. The school year wasn’t easy having her in my class. As each year passed, I would always hoped that Rochelle is not in my class. Luckily, Rochelle was only in my class in third grade, sixth grade, seventh grade and eighth grade. When I started middle school I was hoping Rochelle went to a different than I did. But she didn't. She was in my class, and we didn't talk much. I became friends with some of Rochelle’s friends. Even though being bullied by Rochelle was enough, I was also bullied by a boy in my sixth grade class named Kevin. He made fun of my skin color and nationality. I remembered how hurt I was listening him making jokes and laughing at me. It wasn't the best feeling but I learned not to let it get the best of

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