My Grandmother Maria Research Paper

“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; even as I have loved you, that you also love one another.” Just as God commanded his disciples to show love to one another, nurses are commanded to show love to their patients. Having experienced illness constantly in my life with my Grandmother Maria, I was inspired to pursue a nursing career, in which, I am going to dedicate my time giving love to people in their most vulnerable A long time ago, I lived in El Salvador, Central America. In El Salvador, I was surrounded by poverty and illness. My Grandmother Maria at that time was 66 years old and was diagnosed with arthritis, hypertension and elevated cholesterol levels. I always admired her strength and desire to live despite the deplorable surroundings. Since we could not afford to pay for a doctor as often as she needed, the pain caused by her arthritis became worse and worse each day. I clearly remember that at night she would always call me to her bedside and say to me, “Lorenita, me puedes sobar por favor,” and I responded, “of course grandmother Maria, I will knead your leg.” My childhood innocence allowed me to think that my hands and love for her would eventually heal her. I always prayed to God to give my grandmother health, so she could proudly see me walk the stage in my graduation day. She always taught me that if one has good health and love, everything else is secondary. You must be …show more content…
I want to give back to my community by working in the healthcare system caring for vulnerable individuals who are going through illness, depression, anxiety, pain etc. My dream of being a nurse is about to become a beautiful reality because I had the courage to fight nonstop despite all the difficulties on the way, always remaining true to myself, and never giving up. There were many rocks in the way, but now I proudly say it was all be worth

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