Statement Of Purpose To Become A Biomedical Equipment Technician

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My dream is to become a Biomedical Equipment Technician. To make this done, a competent institution and the right degree major would enable me to meet my goals. Thus, explaining the need for me to pursue pre-pharmacy biology at the University of Charleston. The major’s significance is to enable me to gain apt knowledge and skills in the field, and along with my passion for it, I can exercise proper service provision within my environment. Considering that University of Charleston’s is based on three principles; which are productive work, community involvement, and enlightened living, I can be able to polish up my knowledge levels, be equipped with professional skill, and be able to keep up with our societies’ expectations.

Education has always
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The critical thinking aspect in the guide of this plan is not only gaining the knowledge in school, but also to put them in practice and explore more options to master the basics and concepts in the pre-pharmacy biology sector fully. These aspects include conducting my routine activities as per the morals accepted in my society, and for the professional activities, to meet the required professional standards as set by the health board. Consequently, I will be able to achieve my personal goals as well as doing good to the environment and individuals around me as a whole (Slavin, & Davis, …show more content…
With, this I can be ale to exercise my passion for medical equipment handling as part of my hobby, along with aiding to save lives. To make this done, I strive for academic excellence in my academic performance for my major, as well as focusing on the practical part by carrying out several physical engagements for handling this equipment.

Responsibilities/ Characteristics
Apart from being a student, I have an internship in a local pharmacy as sales personnel. With interaction with the medical supplements, I tend to diversify more and gain more knowledge about different medical implements. As a result, it enables me to more competent, which can be significant for my future career.

Relevant experience
Apart from the internship at the local pharmacy, I always spare my time for community volunteering and mentoring at corporations such as the ones that deal with patient screening facilities. In this, I mainly offer to conduct simple cleaning tasks for the medical tools and other surrounding environments. In return, I get the opportunity to interact with different medical practitioners and patients who share their personal experiences with

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