Drama Isu Monologue Essay

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Drama ISU Reflection

From picking a monologue to leaving the stage after my performance, the monologue ISU of this class has been one of my favourite projects that I have ever done.
I felt most successful with the character sketch and with my final rehearsal of my monologue. The character sketch, which I did receive full marks on, was one of the parts I felt most successful with because I was able to create a full character from a couple pages of one scene from an entire person’s life. I felt it was successful because of how I was able to develop a real character with a personality, a future and a past based off a few lines that she said in the scenes. I felt successful with the rehearsal because tt matched the vision I originally had almost perfectly. All the lines were memorized,
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Rehearsal also helped me learn a lot about myself as an actor, and quite honestly made me possibly want to continue learning and doing acting. The best rehearsal technique I found was to designate a line to an interaction with a prop, for example, when I said “well, I stayed in my room for a while” I knew I had to slump down on the bed. Combining the two processes, props and dialogue, from the start was the most effective process for me because it helped me know what to do all the way through. Something that didn’t quite work was rehearsing in an area which didn’t have the set fully set up because it was simply confusing. Rehearsal also helped me learn a lot about myself as an actor because I was alone when I got to do it, meaning I got to choose the way I rehearsed and what I could do to help me with the performance, showing me the ways I learn and remember best in acting. As a student, it helped me learn that I am a very verbal learner and saying things out loud and using gestures really helps me learn, like it did when I memorized my

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