My Diversity Requirement For The Community College Of Baltimore County

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By taking women’s studies 101, my diversity requirement for the Community College of Baltimore County, or CCBC, will be fulfilled. In addition to fulfilling a requirement, I am taking this course because learning about different perspectives has the ability to enhance cultural enrichment, augment creativity, and cultivate diversity throughout multiple aspects of life. When studying various viewpoints it is natural to have fears about how new ideas may conflict with your beliefs, values, or previous ideas. I am not directly concerned about possible conflict between old and new ideas, but it has crossed my mind; however, I am very receptive to new ideas and open-minded about life in general. With concern out of the way, hope for the course can be focused on. I am hoping to learn more about women’s history than what is covered in standard history classes; I want to learn more about the achievements, movements, and advancements of women as well as women’s rights in modern times. Overall, I hope to learn about what women’s studies is.
Women’s studies consists of multiple key elements that form the basis of what this area of academia aims to teach about. The academic discipline of women’s studies “involves the study of gender as a central aspect of human existence” (Shaw & Lee 1). Women’s studies serves as an integrative academic field that focuses on women, gender, and feminism (Shaw & Lee 1). Also, this field focuses on gender arrangements; gender arrangement is the way…

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