My Digital Literacy Journey Can Be Credited As The Ultimate Source Of The Technological Knowledge I Possess

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My digital literacy journey can be credited as the ultimate source of the technological knowledge I possess. As a result, technological literacy has given me the ability to work independently, to work in collaborations, to be responsible, effective and appropriate in using diverse technologies that keep changing over time. According to Iinuma, (2016), technological literacy is the ability to effectively use computerized innovations. My digital literacy journey was facilitated by my sponsors whose financial, social and academic support has made me excellent and an epitome of technological use. My home and country (Pakistan) were the dawn of my journey to technological literacy. I later proceeded to America with an intent learn modernize technologies and have vast experience in using sophisticated technology. Despite the cultural ecological factors that affected my journey away from home, I was able to achieve managerial, integration, creation, and evaluation and communication excellence using various technological components. In this narrative, I will extensively talk about my technological literacy history as a progressive journey and how cultural ecological variations away from home (in America) influenced and developed my technological knowledge throughout vivid portions of my life. I will also elaborate on the role played by sponsors and discourse communities in contribution to my literacy achievements with use of several stories.
The journey to digital literacy (from…

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