My Diet Essay

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My Diet
From the information in the Wiley Iprofile, I can deduce that my daily diet is very unhealthy. I have many things that I must change to ensure proper health. Most of the foods that I intake include have a decent amount of carbohydrates but according to my DRIs, I need to include more in my diet. My levels of proteins in the foods that I eat are nearly perfect; I need to keep the amount of proteins in my diet the same while trying to increase many of the other nutrients. My total fats and lipids show that I am taking in 80 percent of the necessary amounts.

Macronutrients Intake
Maintaining the proper amount of macronutrients in the diet is extremely important to the overall health of a person. Macronutrients can be described as
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I believe that adding more vegetables such as broccoli and chili or a bean dip to my diet can positively impact my fiber intake.
Dietary Modifications. Some of the major patterns or trends that arise in my diet are the lack of proper nutrition. I can certainly see that most of my diet consists of items that are quick and easy to prepare. I find it much easier to eat unhealthy foods than to eat properly which one of the biggest problems with nutrition in the United States today. I am a walking breathing example of why the United States has one of the highest obesity rates among other countries in the world. Increasing my intake of vegetables and fruits in my diet can greatly increase the amount of nutrients I intake. Incorporating more whole grains in the form of wheat bread and healthy breakfast cereals can drastically improve my fiber intake.
The lack of fiber rich foods such as beans and certain vegetables can have a drastic effect on my body. Including more beans in my diet can help with my lack of fiber. Whole fruits and fruit juices can also be beneficial in my diet. Whole fruits have obvious advantages over fruit juices. The Minocha (2012) website states that fruit juices do have nutritional properties but during the pasteurization and peeling process, many of the nutrients are lost. Some juices like high pulp orange juice can maintain some of their fiber but most juices lack this. Juices can be

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