My Diet On Healthy Eating Choices Essay

799 Words May 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
After taking this class and learning about healthy eating choices, one of the bigger aspects of my diet which I need to change is the types of carbohydrates I eat. We started taking diet logs as a class I realized that my diet was extremely unhealthy and one of my main daily food choices is simple carbs and most often “bad carbs”. This change in my diet will decrease the amount of food which have a lot of added fat and increase the nutrients my body receives. I first started noticing my diet was not a healthy one, when I saw my go to meal was a plain bagel with cream cheese. Although I did not originally think that meal choice was bad, after reading in the textbook I discovered it might be worse for me than I thought. “While there are a variety of nutrients in these foods [simple carbohydrates] that our bodies may use, these nutrients are far outweighed by the amount of added fat” (100). In the past when considering my diet choices, I would consider not eating bacon or dessert to stay healthy, but now I realize it is more complex than choosing to opt out on dessert. By eating bagels with white flour, I was filling my body with bad carbohydrates. Fad diets are a common way for people to try to loose fat and improve health. One popular fad diet is cutting down carbohydrates or cutting out carbohydrates completely. This diet however can decrease your healthiness based on the Health Dynamics book. “As our main source of energy, carbohydrates provide about 50 percent of our…

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