My Diet Of Lean Protein Essay

1020 Words Oct 28th, 2015 null Page
Throughout the entire day I had lean protein with 2 out of 3 of my meals. I had none for breakfast, 2 servings of cut up chicken breasts for lunch, and one full serving of chicken for dinner. While doing this experiment I did not change anything about my eating habits and I believe this day was a pretty accurate depiction upon how I eat every day, and my main consumption of lean protein is chicken. I never predetermine my serving sizes because it never crosses my mind and I always just eat what I want, but randomly enough, based on my results I stuck to the norm for serving sizes for almost all of my food groups. I did not consume any splurge proteins, however quite often I do. I think the hardest part about eating lean protein every meal is that sometimes if you eat on campus you can only eat what is offered and a lot of times they do not offer lean proteins to eat. But for me the problem is eating it at breakfast because usually in the morning I am so lazy and tired that I want nothing to do with making food, instead I resort to quick meals.

I did indeed eat a veggie or a fruit with every meal opportunity, in the morning I had an apple, my lunch was mixed with peppers and onion, and I had asparagus for dinner. Even though it didn’t show on this day but I have never had a problem with getting myself to consume fruit because I like them so much, but I have always had difficulty with getting myself to eat veggies. I was lucky on this day because their happened to be…

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