My Diet Is Too High Essay

1737 Words Oct 12th, 2015 null Page
On the first day of my daily report (which was on 10/8/15) there were three red faces! The level of fat in my diet is too high, the level of saturated fat in my diet is too high, and my cholesterol consumption was over the daily limit of 300mg. The bacon, beef, and eggs caused my level of fat content to be too high, as well as the saturated fats and my cholesterol levels. My vanilla protein shake was also a cause of my cholesterol to be too high in my diet. When taking a look at my seven daily report of my three days I had one red face, seven yellow, and four green. Let me start with the red faces. The red face told me that my calorie percentage of fat was too high, which I know now is from eating excess bacon, eggs, and red meat. The seven yellow faces scared me a little bit, because all of them are showing signs of low percentages within my diet. The first yellow face was a low percentage of calories from carbohydrates. I try to keep my carbohydrates down, because within my body type I seem to always gain a lot of weight in my stomach area from carbs. I know now that I need to eat more carbs and not worry so much about eating too little of them.

The second yellow face told me I had a low fiber content, which does worry me because fiber is so important in order to move things out of our bodies. Thirdly, my calcium intake was too low, which worries me as well, because calcium is so important for our bones to stay strong. Fourthly, my iron is low as well, which I have…

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