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At the beginning of the course we were asked to print off a 3 day food log and record what was eaten over the course of three days. Once the information was recorded we were to make a hypothesis about our diet. From there we were to create three goals for our diet in the future. I believe the food log was to bring our attention to what we ate in our daily lives. I know that personally I will grab whatever is available and does not need to be cooked when I’m working. In school kids used to tell the teacher “I can’t even remember what I had for dinner last night” It was funny back then, but paying close attention to those words it is a serious problem. That shows that those people weren’t paying attention to what they put in their bodies.

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By random I mean that I eat based on how long it takes to cook, and what I currently have in my refrigerator. That fact is what surprised me most about my eating habits because. I will start my day off with a well balanced meal and end it with food that provides no nutritional benefit. I think a technique that will help me greatly is meal planning. Already having my meals planned out or even cooked a day or up to a week ahead will keep me on track so I don’t have to worry about what I’m going to eat or having to cook after a long day at work.My eating habits never seemed to change after paying closer attention to what I’m doing. As stated previously I will start the day off well but as it goes on I get lazy with what I eat. I’ve also noticed that after breakfast I have multiple meals until dinner. I will put something together for lunch and that will not usually satisfy me. I find myself making multiple trips to the fridge and coming back for fourths when I eat dinner. I think this behavior comes from boredom because after I get off work I tend to stay home for the rest of the day. The solution would be to get out in do more but where I live the temperature is always extreme so staying inside is the more comfortable

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