Essay on My Diet Analysis Of My Food Selection Over A 7 Day Period

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In this paper I report my diet analysis of my food selection over a 7 day period during August 31th- September 12th. My availability of food is not of concern because if I don’t feel like making food at my apartment, I usually order Café Brule or Qdoba. On average I spend $20 a week at fast food places. I go to the grocery store every week if not every other averaging $30 per trip. My grocery list usually looks like this: soy milk, bananas, apples, yogurt, breakfast bars, deli meat, carrots, bread, and cheese, sugar free Red Bull, and frozen meals occasionally. The most expensive items on my list are fresh produce, meat and milk. I am fortunate enough to receive grocery money from my parents; therefore I am always provided a meal. As I am not on a restrictive diet due to a condition, I try to limit my intake of gluten, specifically noodles and bread. Reason for this is because my Mother has Celiac Disease, which can be genetic. I notice when I consume higher amounts of gluten my stomach gets bloated and I feel groggy. As dental hygiene student nutrition is important to me because I realized everything we consume, food and beverages, goes through the oral cavity, which throughout time is going to have an impact on oral health. Limiting carbohydrates and sugar is especially important along with limiting the frequency we eat.
Overall Diet Pattern: How Healthful is your diet?
Overall Eating Pattern The 7-day period I completed of tracking my diet was not a typical summary of…

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