My Destiny

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Since I can remember, I knew my destiny was to come sooner or later to the United States. In my dear Colombia I thought it would never happen, but at age 10, this girl had to fulfill his destiny. My transition travels and departure of my dear homeland was sad and happy at the same time.
I was born in Medellin, Colombia in 1984, in a loving and unconventional family. After my mother Gloria, he was discharged from the hospital, went to live with my grandparents, Alice and Arthur and my uncles, Luis Carlos, the bachelor of the family, and Gustavo, the divorced. Shortly after my birth, my mother under my fate when she decided to leave for the United States as it had almost the whole family. Specifically, the sisters of my grandmother Alicia and her daughters, premiums from my mother, who had left years ago to the city of New Jersey in search of a better life. My mother really did not need to
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When I received this news was devastating. Although illusion was living with my mother and she would become my best friend, leave my family and my life in Colombia for me it was a tragedy completely. The words of my grandfather to encourage me were, "there is only one mother." Since I got the news until the day I travel a great sadness came over me. I do not want to travel, I did not want to leave my life, my family, my school and my friends.
On October 15 of that year, I left for Miami. In Medellin airport before traveling party leave my heart, my soul and my life. Things never recover again and they stayed with my family. Then when you get to Miami and saw my mother of my sadness faded since the illusion of being with my mother was finally made. It was an extreme change, just the airport to my house I saw that it was good in another world. Miami had not even

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