Personal Narrative: My Interest In Art

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I’m someone who has a love for learning and an interest in art that is continuously expanding. I always enjoyed finding out how things were made and I’ve always been interested in the process of creating things. I always had a dream to pursue a life in the arts and the process and uses of animation is what captured my attention. My desire for knowledge and confidence came from my childhood where I almost lost the opportunities and future I have today. As a child, my family was almost deported by our immigration lawyer. The lawyer had my parents unknowingly agreed to deportation while he had my father’s personal information changed to match a criminal who was wanted for deportation. The deportation almost went through and if it had it would have caused my and siblings and …show more content…
I make very planned work and having to fully rework ideas makes me uncomfortable. This developed out of habits I had as a child where I was around lawyers and courtrooms so often that I started following rules very closely out of fear of making my situation worse. Because of this, I have a hard time being loose in my artwork and in person. I tend to be very quiet and in my artwork things can be quiet too by not having many random or eye-catching things within in which could really help a piece. I want to get rid of these habits because it shows that I’ve created a comfort zone in my art. I understand that allowing ideas to be fluid and make major changes is what sometimes creates the best work. I’m actively working on getting rid of that habit by learning how to be more loose and fluid with my work while trying to be more open to ideas and others. My skills are constantly changing with the more studios I take because of the more information I learn but with that knowledge I can see areas where I need to improve and I work on these though

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