Essay on My Description Of My Grandfather

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My Closest Grandfather

My grandfather passed away on Jan 19, 2014, due to kidney problems. My grandfather had suffered a lot before he died. They were the worst days for me because I didn’t imagine my grandfather would be hospitalized for over a year. This was an especially difficult time because I was away with my family in Morocco. I felt sad most of the time because I didn’t have the chance to visit my grandfather in Saudi.

My grandfather was a good man and I love him because he was kind to his family. He was not strict; he was funny and at the same time he was quiet. He would do anything to make his grandchildren happy and satisfied. One day, he called his grandchildren to come over. We came and we sat down with him. He entered his room and grabbed an envelope stuffed with money. He gave all of us 100 dollars each. I was embarrassed to take the money, my grandfather insisted me too take the money. This is the best memory I remember about him. His relations were great with others, everyone would remember his name and no one would say a bad thing about him, every body loved him. I remember one time, when I was in Saudi. My grandfather used to go to his friends every day. When he did not want to go, his friends call him and ask him to come because my grandfather was the oldest and without him they cannot hangout without him. They had to stay home.

In 2012, my grandfather started to feel pain in his kidney. He went to the hospital and checked on his…

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