How To Write A Narrative Essay On Depression

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*DISCLAIMER* This essay is in no way is trying to say what depression is like for everyone. This is simply my story about depression and anxiety and my road to recovery. Depression and anxiety is different for everyone, we are different. Enjoy.

Self-worth. Sounds simply right? Well not for me and many others. They say, “Just love yourself” or “Be confident,” but that’s not always so easy. I’ve struggled with myself image and self-worth since Elementary school. I remember not having friends and always comparing myself to other girls that were better. As a matter of fact, I still catch myself doing this today. I hit a really low point with my depression and anxiety. I was self-harming. Cutting. I know, I know it’s wrong and it’s harmful. My older sister found out and I stopped, luckily. I realized that cutting was never the answer. I always thought it would fix the way I was feeling. Unfortunately, it made my sadness grow deeper and stronger.
I was getting better, I felt so much better,
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It took me awhile to get back into normal eating habits. Today, I still struggle with skipping meals but I'm working on it. When all of this came up I was blaming myself for my depression and anxiety. As if, i should be able to just choose to be happy and that I was just exaggerating how I felt, but that’s not how it works. I tell myself to be happy but it doesn't work, I wish it was that easy. I felt worse and worse about myself. I was constantly beating myself up for the fact that I have depression and it’s hard for me to be happy. Today, I still feel bad about myself because I constantly feel like a mess up, a mistake, like I have fault in my code. I’ve realized I can’t control what happens with my anxiety and depression but what I can't control is my strength to try. “Grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the

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